Masari Calls For Improved Regulation Of ICT, Telecoms, Social Media ~ News in Nigeria > 30/01/2018

I Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has advocated stricter regulation of the ICT and telecom sectors to guard against cyber-crimes, abuse of social media, and other activities that could threaten national security.

Masari produced the get in touch with when he received the National Council on Communications led by the Minister of Communictations, Mr. Adebayo Shitu.

The National Council on Communications was in Katsina for its annual conference which is attended by all stakeholders in the data and communication sector from all states of the country.

Masari urged the council to appear into the situation of breach in the use of ICT, social media, and telecom services which he stated were grossly beneath-regulated, top to cracks in individual privacy and security, thereby posing a threat to family members, community and national life.

Masari decried the prevalence of hackers on the prowl, who use peoples phone numbers and social media accounts to extort income and other individual favours type other individuals.

The governor blamed telecom operators for placing commercial obtain over social duty and national security, and decried what he described as poor regulation of the market.

Earlier, the Minister of Communications, Mr. Bayo Shiyu mentioned this year’s conference of the National Council on Communications will concentrate on the require for Nigeria to catch up with global advancements in ICT and the have to have to adopt greatest practices in the operation and regulation of the sector.

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